Finding True Love Intensive

For Women Who Are Ready to Meet Your True Love Now:

"Finally… The Secrets To Meeting Your True Love And Say Goodbye To Heartbreak And Discouragement Once And For All"

By Pamela Vandervoort, the Dating for True Love Expert

Do you feel like you have been left out of love?

Are you tired of getting excited, thinking you finally found “The One” only to be disappointed and let down again?

Are you ready to say goodbye to lonely nights and feeling depressed over the holidays?

Dear Single Friend,

I know dating can be a real struggle.

Let’s face it, nobody really wants to date. It seems like dating is a necessary evil, and after a few too many miserable dates, you would rather be alone than spend your time with men you are not even remotely interested in.

I don’t blame you and agree with you 100%!

The truth is if you want to find true love, that special someone to share your life with, you will have to do something different, because what you are doing up until now has not been working or you would not be reading this.

Does that sound harsh? Well actually it is good news! Because this means that by making some key changes, you can turn your love life around and have the love that you desire. The love that is your birthright.

If you are…

  • Discouraged and ready to just give up because you feel like you have tried everything and still have not found that special someone to share your life with.
  • Disappointed by the men you are meeting and worry that there are just no good men out there.
  • Frustrated by bad dates and random dating without meeting anyone with “rest of your life” potential.
  • Tired of falling for the wrong man over and over just to end up broken hearted and single all over again.
  • Sick of doing everything yourself without having a partner celebrate the good times and support you through the tough times.

…Then you're in the right place.

In your heart you long for that special someone to share your life with. And the reason you still long for love is because your heart knows that True Love is your birthright.

"There is Someone for Everyone and
Everyone Gets Love, Especially You!"

And the good news is, the more you know yourself and the clearer you are on what you require in a relationship, the easier it will be for you to meet your true love. I know this because I have been where you are.

I now know the secrets to finding true love, but it wasn’t always this way…

After my ex-husband and I divorced, I suddenly found myself single and alone for the first time in my life. I bought into all the stereotypical beliefs that I was too old, there are no good men out there, there are no single men where I live and I was afraid of getting hurt. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I was afraid that I had made a huge mistake and lost my only chance for love. I was afraid I would be alone the rest of my life.

"Finally… I dragged myself off the couch
and decided to start dating"

And I had a great life. I did it all! I was an international party girl, spending time in the club scene in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris, Ibiza, you name it, I was there! I was single, after all, so I wanted to make the most of it! I tried internet dating and was one of the top matches on, I tried speed dating and even tried matchmaking.

But I made every dating mistake there was! I got involved with the wrong men too fast and stayed with them too long, I scared away some really great men because I felt insecure and came on too strong. I had some awful first dates. I obsessed way too long over dates with men I liked but who did not call. And I dragged out dates with men I was not interested in because I was afraid of hurting their feelings.

I was exhausted and defeated. And with all the random dating, I still had not met a single man I felt could spend my life with.

So I decided I needed to be more “selective”. And then suddenly my dating life totally dried up. It became harder and harder to meet someone.

So I decided it was the men- there are no good men out there.

I was discouraged and ready to give up on love. So I did. I stopped looking for love. I began working with a relationship coach, spent time in meditation and I prayed.

Then suddenly I knew, it’s not the men, or my age, or where I live. I knew there is a better way.

"So I started a Dating Support Group to help
others just like me learn to date successfully"

I started a local meet up group and a group of fellow students from my master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica to help them learn to date for true love.

And using the skills and tools from my master’s degree, relationship coaching, as well as guidance from the Divine Wisdom that we all have within us I learned to date for true love and so did my clients. What I discovered was…

"There is a system, a way to date for
true love that works for everyone."

As I continued to work with clients, I saw they were making the same mistakes I made and having the same blocks to love that I had. And a pattern began to emerge.

And so did a solution. I began to see great success as more and more of my clients began meeting and finding their true love.

Not only did they finally meet a partner and fall deeply in love, but when they followed my exact steps for true love, they ended up in committed relationships quite easily and with very little drama. In fact the clients who worked with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY ended up engaged within the year!

Single to Engaged in Just 6 Months:

Before working with Pam, I had come through a lot of relationship grief, and was feeling forlorn. I had a lot of negative beliefs and expectations about finding my life partner, and a fear of not finding the right one. I was skeptical about dating in general.

I was able to see the limitations that were holding me back, and gain the confidence to date and began to form a meaningful relationship with the man I really wanted! I was able to clarify what I wanted and how to assert myself at very key turning points in the dating process, was key to developing an honest, respectful and ideal relationship. I discovered what I truly wanted in the Relationship, how to ask for it, and how to overcome my own internal obstacles along the way. As a result, I went from casual dating to a committed relationship to a marriage proposal within 6 months! Now I am truly happy and fulfilled.

Laurie Alcott, Palms Springs, CA.

The results have been so powerful that I
want to share them with everyone.

That’s why I Created the
Dating for True Love Intensive Program.

By simply following the 5 True Love Steps
and learning the 7 Never Date Again Skills
you can turn your love life around and
Find True Love Easily and Effortlessly.

My clients now enjoy sharing their lives with their true loves. In fact, so many of them are now engaged that I developed the Dating for True Love Engaged Program to help them create the marriage of their dreams.

And not only did they find true love, but their whole lives have changed. They are happier and more fulfilled in other aspects of their lives as well.

"I love watching people who are discouraged
and have just about given up on love fall in love and
experience relationships that are better than they imagined."

From Desperation and Irritation to In-Love and Engaged:

Before working with Pamela, I was dead set against dating. I thought it was a waste of time and energy. I have just come out of a ten year relationship and I dreaded getting back out there. Pamela completely reframed my notion of dating. I began to focus on if my dates were “right” for me as opposed to whether I was right for them. She also helped me to relax and use every date as an opportunity to learn something new about myself and connect with another human being. As a result, I was able to release my energy of desperation and irritation with the dating process.

Within a few months I met a wonderful man. At first I kept finding fault with him and finding excuses for why he was wrong for me. Pamela helped me realize that I had a lot of fear as a result of past experiences. Without her guidance I am not sure if our relation would have grown as quickly as it did. Today I am engaged to the man I love and have relocated to a new city to be with. I’m super excited about my new life and happy to know I have Pamela on speed dial.

Inessa Freylekhman

"This program will help you meet your
true love and easily have the type of relationship
you want without a lot of drama and heartbreak…"

  • Get the real scoop on the top dating strategies (online dating, match making, singles and dating events, etc.) and find out what dating technique will actually work for you.
  • Discover your blocks to true love and the cure so you can easily magnetize love into your life.
  • Master the 3 Levels of Dating for True Love so you stop wasting your time with the wrong men or get stuck in a dating drought that never seems to end.
  • Find the 5 Irresistible Attitudes that not only make you irresistible to men but give you peace of mind while dating.
  • Prepare yourself for True Love so when you meet him, you will be ready to receive true love into your life easily and effortlessly.
  • Learn the 7 Never Date Again Skills so that when you meet your Mr. Right you are calm, confident and know how to create the relationship that you want.
  • Understand the 5 Stages of Relationships so you can gracefully move into commitment, instead of worry about what he’s thinking and wondering if the relationship will progress.
  • Connect to your True Love to manifest your true love into your life.
  • "Stop Struggling with Mr. Wrong(s) to Loving Mr. Right…"


Read on for some incredible examples of dating dilemmas and true love solutions, or click here to get started!

Real Life Exampes of Dating Traps that Keep You Stuck

TRAP NO. 1: GETTING TOO EASILY DISCOURAGED YVETTE'S STORY: The first date after Yvette's divorce was with a man she met through her work. He asked her out to lunch and she agreed. At lunch it turned out that he was married. He told her he noticed she did not wear a ring and assumed she was single and would want to have an affair. Yvette was so disgusted by this situation that she did not date again for ten years!


SHARON’S STORY: Sharon came into my dating support group in total negativity. She refused to participate in the exercises and sat with her hands crossed defiantly in front of her chest. She said there were no good men out there and everyone she dated was so negative and had so many issues. She proceeded to lament that everyone online was bitter and there were no good choices. It was obvious that the real problem was her own negativity and until she changed her outlook she would never find the kind of positive person she wanted to meet.


KAREN’S STORY: Karen was a very attractive, intelligent, successful, divorced woman. She was also quite aggressive with men she was interested in so she met men really easily. Each time she met a new relationship she would discuss how “perfect” her latest catch was. She always attributed qualities to them that she wanted them to have, but were not usually accurate. She also slept with them on or before the third date. And she was left feeling disillusioned and used when the relationship would deteriorate within just a few months. She was so desperate for a relationship that she repeatedly fell for the first guy who came along, with each failed relationship her self-esteem dropped even more.


Candace had a loving relationship with her husband of over 20 years when he died. Several years later she began dating a very nice man. She shared with him that she was very happily married to her husband and deeply missed him. As they continued to date, she found herself comparing him to her husband. Finally, the man stopped dating her because he said he felt he could never live up to the high standard set by her marriage. She realized that she was feeling guilty about dating someone else so she kept comparing him to her husband out of guilt.


Holly was a cute and vivacious woman who wanted to get married and have children more than anything. Although she had an accomplished career, close knit family and friends her life incomplete because she was not married. She had many interests but would not pursue them because she was waiting to “do them with husband.” She went out on a few dates but put too much pressure on the men because after the first date she was determining if he was her next husband. As time went by she became more and more unhappy and went out less and less.

Do you know your biggest Dating Trap that is keeping you stuck? Have you ever heard the expression "can't see the forest through the trees"? There is probably a dating trap that is keeping you stuck that you are not even aware of. But don't worry, help is here! And guess what- ignorance is NOT bliss!

I'd love to I'd love to show you the REAL secrets for magnetizing your true love into your life while being authentically yourself- so you can meet someone who shares your values and relationship vision.

The Dating for True Love Intensive program is not about manipulation or changing yourself to make men more attracted to you. Your true love will be attracted to you for the amazing woman that you are.

This program is about raising your consciousness so that you stop blocking love and make clear, empowered choices about the man you choose to spend your time with and who you fall in love with.

And with the right dating tools and the right amount of faith, meeting your Mr. Right can be a fun, effortless and gratifying experience.

Believe it or not there is a way to Date for True Love. And when you have the right dating skills, know your value and are clear on your relationship vision, you will easily manifest your true love.

In Love and Loving Life:

When I began working with Pam I had lost my joy for life and had completely given up hope of ever being in a relationship. Pam's program helped me find myself again. With her help I was able to create a strong loving relation with my now boyfriend. Thanks to Pam I am in love and live my life fully every day.

– Roxanne Salina, San Diego, CA

Experience The True Love
That Is Your Birthright!


Here are the 5 Steps you need to find the True Love you have been waiting for. I'll show you exactly how to do these steps in the Dating for True Love Intensive…


Step 1: Develop Your "Guaranteed for Success" Dating Action Plan

  • Create your own unique “true love mantra” to manifest your true love into your life.
  • Discover where to meet the type of men you are interested in.
  • Discover the top dating strategies and find out which ones will work for you.


Step 2: Open Yourself to True Love

  • Ignite the attractor-factor within you that magnetizes your true love
  • Release fear of rejection and insecurity and allow your genuine and authentic beauty to shine love into your life.
  • Create chemistry with the man you are attracted to and feel comfortable and confident when you meet your true love.


Step 3: Identify Your True Love

  • Learn how to recognize your True Love so that you don’t waste anymore time with the wrong person.
  • Realize your biggest negative relationship patterns so that you NEVER REPEAT THEM AGAIN.
  • Find out what your real relationship requirements are so you know exactly the characteristics and qualities that are essential for you in a relationship.


Step 4: Become Relationship Ready

  • Master the three levels of Dating for True Love so this is the last time you ever have to date.
  • Discover the hidden block is that is holding you back from love and how to overcome this once and for all.
  • Learn the 3 Secrets you must know to attract your ideal partner and easily move a dating relationship into a committed and love relationship.


Step 5: Manifest Your True Love

  • Create your ideal relationship and manifest it into your life.
  • Discover how to create a true love relationship, that is loving, fulfilling and safe with a man you love and respect and who loves and adores you.


Before working with Pam my love life consisted of unrequited crushes, abandonment, and rejection. I was a seasoned pro at love sabotage! I immediately felt right at home with her warmth, friendliness and positive vibes. Somehow she helped me keep hope alive. In just two weeks I went from being nearly dateless to having a soulmate, life companion and best friend who desires all of me- body, mind and spirit. Quite a quantum leap! – Nancy


Here’s What You’ll Receive

The complete downloadable
Dating for True Love Home Study Program


The 5 True Love steps and 7 Never Date Again skills as well as
dating tips, personalized exercises and activities designed to help
you release any blocks you may have to love.

Once a week for the next 8 weeks in your inbox you will receive:

Instant Downloadable Audio Sessions facilitated by Pamela Vandervoort

These sessions were recorded live this year during the Dating for True Love Intensive course.  Each session will take you through the five steps to true love and guide you through your healing and the process of your opening to receive your true love.


A Workbook and Guide with the Exercises, Activities and Tools for Each Course Session

To empower you toward finding your true love, I have created a guide that includes the 7 Never Date Again Skills, weekly pre-work and exercises to provide you with the insights, tools and information you need to attract the love you have been longing for. 


Bonus #1 ($197 Value)
Receiving True Love Meditation

Here’s the truth about finding love: When you connect to the love that is already within you and the unique qualities that make you attractive – your true love can’t help but be drawn to you.

In this Meditation you will…

  • Connect with the love that is already inside of you right now just waiting to be expressed.
  • Create a connection with Your True Love that will magnetize Your True Love into your life.
  • Feel more love, joy and happiness in your life – Immediately
  • Access the kind of happiness that makes you irresistible to your True Love
  • Eliminate your discouragement and doubts about love and feel the absolute certainty and confidence that attracts love.

When you access the True Love qualities within, you will feel your heart open and your love life will be completely transformed.


Bonus #2 ($297 Value)
Finding True Love Online

Millions of people find love on-line, I know I was one of them! But the first time I tried on-line dating it did not work so well, and that is being generous!

This live one hour teleseminar will show you the secrets to successful on-line dating including:

  • Write your profile to attract the “good ones” and repel the “not so much” ones.
  • Master the art of on-line dating communication so you can move from a wink to a date in only a few weeks. Don’t get stuck in the endless email, instant message or text message rut.
  • How to week out the genuine article from the imposters quickly and easily.
  • How to meet men you are interested in online. There are very specific ways to do this so you don't waste your time.

Additional one hour private
makeover profile with Pamela!


Bonus #3 ($197 Value)
The Best Ways to Meet
True Love Interview Series

The Best Ways to Meet True Love Interview Series You asked and we answered! One of the biggest questions we here is where do I go to meet quality men? In this interview series you will find out everything you wanted to know about speed dating, matchmaking, on-line dating, singles travel, Meetups and how to find a community that is right for you. Not only that you will also receive:

  • Where to go for these services
  • Special discounts and freebies for Dating for True Love Intensive members
  • How to make these services work for you to find love


 Special Bonus ($297 value):

Private Breakthrough Coaching Session

Identify your main dating trap that is holding you back from love.

  • Discover your True Love solution to move from dateless and stuck to dating and having fun.
  • Clarify your next dating for true love step to catapult you into the arms of your true love.

I was “seeing” a guy when I took Pam’s program. He simply wasn’t into me and unavailable most of the time. I pretty much knew this but was in denial. After “begging” him for a date and feeling like an idiot – ready to cry the night away, I listened to the webinar that Pam created as part of this program – and listened carefully.

She specifically talked about no more begging for a date – I couldn’t even believe my ears – after listening to her webinar that night, I felt renewed and energized about moving forward to find my true love.

Dating is difficult – a million little heartbreaks – don’t try to do it without Pam Vandervoort cheering you on!!!! Now, I’ve met the man of my dreams and I know your program made this possible!

Vicky Zelen, Jacksonville FL

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"How do I Know This Will Work?"

Is it Really Possible to Find True Love in Just 8 Weeks?"

To date, this program has experienced a very high success rate for those who participated completely in the course and the activities. Your success depends on your commitment and willingness to participate 100% in the program and activities.

"What if I Am Involved with Someone
and Not Sure if I am Ready to Date?"

The question to ask yourself is, are you in a committed relationship?

A committed relationship is NOT dating someone and being intimate but never discussing your level of commitment to each other. If you make no plans for the future, rarely spend holidays or attend special events together and do not speak on a regular basis you are probably not in a committed relationship. If you are in a “friends with benefits” type situation or a casual relationship that you wish was more, I strongly urge you to take this course.

If you are in a committed relationship but are unsure if it is True Love, sign up for a complimentary discovery session with me HERE.

"What if I'm too busy to do this right now?"

If you feel you are too busy, ask yourself this question- “Am I really too busy or is something else holding me back?”

The answer to that question may be that you are afraid. You may be afraid to put yourself out there and be rejected. You may be afraid of picking the wrong man and getting hurt again.

I know from my own experience that I am never too busy for anything. It is either not a priority for me at the time, in which case, I would not even be interested enough to read about this right now OR I have resistance and something is blocking me from moving forward toward my goal.

The thing about resistance is it does not go away with time. The only way to get over resistance is to move through resistance.

If in your heart you long not just for any relationship, but a true love relationship which helps heal your heart and that changes each of your lives for the better.

If you are seeking a relationship where you feel loved and supported and you encourage each other to fulfill and accomplish your dreams, I strongly suggest you make the time to discover how to make this dream a reality.

Give your dreams the same priority in your life that you give your work, family, friends, and other responsibilities take the next step now toward having the love you deserve.

"What if I Am Not Sure I Am Ready for True Love
but Just Want to Meet a Good Man?"

Most of the time when I hear this from women it is because they don’t believe true love is really possible. Are you worried about getting your hopes up, just to be disappointed again? Or maybe you are afraid of getting hurt? Perhaps you have been betrayed by a man or you gave too much in a relationship and did not get the same love and care back in return. Whatever the cause, if you are asking this question, you are probably feeling skeptical and doubtful about the possibility for finding love.

In Dating for True Love Intensive, you will identify the past relationship patterns that have caused this pain. Not only that but you will learn how to make good relationship choices so you can trust yourself to take care of yourself in relationship.

Then you can decide if you really don’t believe in true love.

But even if you aren’t ready for true love, you will learn to recognize difference between a “good” man and an immature man so that you can trust yourself in relationship.

Whatever course you choose, if you have had bad experiences with relationships in the past and want to meet that special someone to share your life with, I strongly encourage you to get support and learn how to date correctly. I wouldn't want you to spend any more years of your life feeling alone and discouraged and missing out on the love and companionship that is your birthright.

The Dating for True Love Intensive gives you a powerful, step-by-step system to learn to date for true love, instead of dating for disappointment and heartbreak.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

All the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results my clients who have participated in this program. This is not a done-for-you program, so you must participate fully and take action in order to learn and see results.

You success depends on your commitment, and there is no guarantee you will achieve the same results represented here.

I promise to deliver high quality content and training. I'm confident you will get a HUGE value.

I'll even give you the chance to test-drive this program at no risk. You get 30 days to check it out, and if you don't like it, you get a full refund.

"Sounds great! So how much is my investment?"

Finding true love is priceless and failed relationships and divorce are not only expensive but you cannot put a value on wasting years of your life with the wrong person.

I know many women who have spent over $10,000 on matchmaking services and spent years on fruitless online dating to end up frustrated and still searching for true love. If you meet one man or one hundred men, if you don't know how to date for a relationship you will probably find yourself struggling to find true love. Don't waste another penny of your money on dating services or online dating until you learn how to date for true love.

So if you're wondering if you can afford this course right now, ask yourself, "Can I really afford not to?" The truth is, your relationship patterns are not going to solve themselves. With 50% of marriages ending in divorce and more and more single people in the world than ever before, unless you do something differently, the odds are you will stay single or re-create the same relationship issues you had before.

This program is your chance to learn new skills that will bring you real results – a true love relationship. A committed relationship with a man you love and respect and who loves and values you. Your life will be so much more fulfilled and rich than you ever thought possible. And you deserve it!

~ No Risk Reservation Form ~

"Yes! Pamela, I'm ready to find True Love!"

I know I will receive:

The Dating for True Love Home Study Course ($997 value)
    A weekly email including:

  • 8 downloadable audio classes
  • My own downloadable workbook and activities including the 5 Steps to True Love and 7 Never Date Again skills

Bonus #1 ($197 value): The Receiving True Love Meditation

Bonus #2 ($297 value): Finding True Love Online Program

  • Including profile make-over with Pamela Vandervoort

Bonus #3: ($197 value): The Best Ways to Meet True Love Interview Series

Special Bonus ($297 value): One Breakthrough to Love private Coaching Session with Pamela Vandervoort

Total Value of this Program is over $1800!

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Do you want to be one of our next success stories?

Your true love is waiting for you, just like you are waiting for him. Don’t let another day go by without your True Love by your side!

I look forward to supporting you!

Much Love and Happy Dating,


Pam has my vote for the #1 Best Relationship Coach.

She's perfect for any woman who wants more out of Her dating experience and doesn't want to waste anymore time! She is incredible at tweaking what's not working and turning it into a tangible way to be on a date.  Pam, I just love you – Thank YOU! 

  Shanda Sumpter,

p.s. There is a specific way to date if you don’t want to waste time random dating with unsuitable men. Find the relationship you have been longing for. The Intensive program is designed with a specific formula to show you exactly how to do this. With a combination of inner work, personal growth and healing plus learning specific dating and communication skills, you will clear the way for your true love to come into your life and create the relationship of your dreams. Click here to get started!


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background and commitment.