Receiving True Love Meditation

Is finding love supposed to be this hard?

Pamela Vandervoort
The Dating for True Love Expert

You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about
the secrets to manifesting love.

You’ve probably read books or even attended workshops
designed to show you how to find love

And I bet you’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is you are doing wrong that is keeping you from finding and manifesting your love.

What if I told you the secret is that you’re not DOING anything wrong.



WELCOME to the Receiving True
Love 21 Day Program
You don’t have to FIND True Love, you simply RECEIVE it!

Dear Single Friend,

If you are reading this I bet it is because relationships have not been easy for you. In fact, you may be feeling “over the whole dating thing”. You may be sick of meeting a bunch of totally uninteresting men on-line or even feeling discouraged because you rarely meet anyone, much less someone you really like.

And you can’t help but wonder- are there any good men left out there?

Perhaps a few times you have met someone you liked and you got excited because you FINALLY felt that chemistry. But it ended badly leaving you feeling hurt, confused and rejected. You probably analyzed the situation, replaying conversations over and over in your head wondering what you did wrong. Although you don’t want to give up on finding love you also know that you never want to experience that pain again. And after experiencing rejection and frustrating dating experiences you can’t help but wonder if you should just give up.

Yet despite your past relationship pain, in your heart you still long to find that someone special to share your life with.

So what do you do? The thought of rallying the energy to “get out there” and date probably feels like too much effort for very little result, because after a lot of random dating you still have not met the man who makes your heart sing.

Well, keep reading.

Your love life is about to get a lot better.


Before working with Pam, I had come through a lot of relationship grief, and was feeling forlorn. I had a lot of negative beliefs and expectations about finding my life partner, and a fear of not finding the right one. I was skeptical about dating in general.

I was able to see the limitations that were holding me back, and gain the confidence to date and began to form a meaningful relationship with the man I really wanted! I was able to clarify what I wanted and how to assert myself at very key turning points in the dating process, was key to developing an honest, respectful and ideal relationship. I discovered what I truly wanted in the Relationship, how to ask for it, and how to overcome my own internal obstacles along the way. As a result, I went from casual dating to a committed relationship to a marriage proposal within 6 months! Now I am truly happy and fulfilled.

Laura Ashley, Palm Springs, CA

So here’s the TRUTH about finding love

The truth is finding true love is more about you, your beliefs, and your fears than it is about how you look, what you do for living, where you live, what dating strategy you use, or the “type of men” that are “out there”. You don’t have to have a perfect body or be a certain age to meet your true love. And you can be a successful, powerful, confident woman and find true love.

Whenever I hear a woman say “men are intimidated by me” I know that there is something else going on. Usually, what is going is that you are scared of being hurt, rejected or betrayed so you have put up walls. But most importantly you have lost the trust and faith required to receive love.

When you connect to the love that is already within you and the unique qualities that make you irresistible, when you allow your true power to come forward, the personal power you radiate from being authentically you, your true love can’t help but being attracted to you and magnetized in your life.

And here is the SECRET that the Law
of Attraction does not tell you about

Simply “visualizing” what you want does not work.

I know the law of attraction teaches us that knowing what you want and visualizing it will make all your dreams come true and bring you love, money, cars whatever you want. This is just a very small part of the story.

Roseanne’s Story:

Roseanne had not been on a date in seven years. Her past fiancée cheated on her and then broke up with her to marry someone else. She felt cheated and betrayed, after all, she did EVERYTHING for him and he never treated her very well anyway. She was discouraged and felt so tired of seeing everyone else getting married and finding love but not her. And she could not figure out what was wrong with her, she was attractive, successful, outgoing and fun. Whenever she did visualization exercises she could easily see herself on vacation with her true love, married to her true love, what her life with her true love would look like after five years of marriage. She could describe in detail exactly what it would be like, feel like and look like. She said “I know exactly what I want, that is easy- I just don’t know how to find it.” What she really needed to learn was how to open up to receiving new love.

In Love and Loving Life:

When I began working with Pam I had lost my joy for life and had completely given up hope of ever being in a relationship. Pam’s program helped me find myself again. With her help I was able to create a strong loving relation with my now boyfriend. Thanks to Pam I am in love and live my life fully every day. ~ Roseanne Salina, San Diego, CA

I am happy to report that today Roseanne is married to her true love and expecting her first child!

So What is the Real Secret to Finding Love?

Secret No. 1: How you feel is a big indicator
of how close you are to receiving love

If you hate dating and you force yourself to go out and date- how do you think your dating experiences are going to be?

If you can’t stand your ex and feel angry at him for hurting you what kind of partner do you think you will attract?

If your life is lonely and unfulfilled what kind of experiences do you think you will have with other people?

If you feel discouraged about love, how much love do you think you will attract?

Have you ever heard the expression “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”. The same truth applies to love. When men were asked what is the main thing they find attractive in a woman what most men said was her smile and her confidence.

The thing about happiness is that while happiness is a choice it can be very difficult to be faked. But when you activate the qualities within yourself that men find irresistible, like sensuality, joy, and love you will be amazed at how easily you attract men.


I was in dating drought for over 3 years. I was active, went out a lot but never seemed to meet any men who were not married or just not my type. After the first day of the Receiving True Love Meditation, I felt my heart open in a way I never experienced before. The second day I met two amazing and available men in one night. I feel happier and have more energy than ever before. Thank you, Pamela for this amazing program. ~ Lisa George, San Diego, CA

So how do you shift from discouragement to faith?

Secret No. 2: You Have the Power to
Choose How You Feel About Anything

Whenever I work with women who have not been in a relationship for a long time, what I discovered is that relationships had become so painful for them that they were subconsciously BLOCKING love from their life.

After hearing their stories of heartbreak and painful dating experiences the message that came through loud and clear was


If you feel completely powerless about a past heartbreak or have been blaming the other person or blaming yourself for the end of a relationship you are choosing to live in the past. And the message you are telling yourself about what happened to you is keeping you stuck from finding love in your present. And this attitude is probably not only showing up on your dates, but also in the type of men you attract.

Does any of this sound familiar?

When you can see your past experience for what it really is and are able to feel grateful for all your romantic and dating experiences, you will find yourself open up to receiving love.

Because the better you feel, the faster you will find love.

Secret No. 3: You Can’t Do It Alone

In the Conversations with God Mentorship Program, Neale Donald Walsh discussed the movie “The Secret”. He said that one of the biggest things they left out of the movie was God. So as you are looking for love- how does God, or Spirit, or your Higher Self play a part attracting your true love?

There is a Source, God, Life, Spirit that co-creates with you everyday.

Do you ever feel like you have to do it all alone?

Most single people feel this way. Especially single woman. But this is simply not true.

The Truth is, is impossible to do it alone. Because you are always creating in your life all the time. The law of attraction NEVER STOPS. And Spirit is with you all the time, you are just not aware of it.

So the first question is not IF YOU ARE CREATING, BUT WHAT YOU ARE CREATING?


“When I accessed the True Love qualities within me, I felt my heart open up and my love life completely transformed.”

Secret No. 4: In Order to Receive True Love, You Must Activate The Love That is Already Inside You

By now you probably know that limiting beliefs are blocking you from achieving your dreams. And that what you believe is what you will receive.

But one of the best ways to eliminate negative beliefs and thoughts is to develop the positive qualities, beliefs and thoughts that will enable you to attract loving relationships. And you already have these positive qualities inside of you- right now!


Receiving True Love 21 Day Program

You don’t have to FIND True Love, you simply RECEIVE it!

In this program, you will discover how to:

Connect with the love that is already inside of you right now just waiting to be expressed.

• Create a connection with Your True Love that will magnetize your True Love into your life

• Feel more love, joy and happiness in your life – Immediately

• Access the kind of happiness that makes you irresistible to your True Love

• Eliminate your discouragement and doubts about love and feel the absolute certainty and confidence that attracts love.


I am going through a separation and wanted to open my heart again not only to bring my current relationship to a peaceful & honoring completion but also to open my heart to love again. I really resonated with Pamela’s Receiving True Love Program…..and found it very experiential. The meditations helped me to become more clear on my ideal mate. Love is who we are and Pamela does a great job helping us to reconnect to that truth.

~ Michelle Casto, The Rock Your Destiny Diva

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I’ve designed this Receiving True Love Program to activate the true love qualities within you and magnetize your true love into your life. In order to have love, you must first be love.

The Receiving True Love Program will prepare you to receive your True Love in just minutes each day for just 21 Days!

Here’s how it works:

You will receive:

21 Daily Meditations that you can download to your iPod, iphone or mp3 player and listen to them whenever and wherever you want;

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In Just 21 Days of the Receiving True Love Program you will:

• Activate your 7 True Love Energies of Love, Light, Beauty, Sensuality, Joy, Gratitude and Responsibility.

Discover a new way of being in relationship that will help you attract the right man into your life.

• Begin the process of healing your deepest relationship wounds and freeing yourself from any residual relationship heartbreak.

• Find out and let of your hidden blocks that are keeping your True Love from your life.

• Experience what a True Love relationship feels like so you can receive it in your life.

• Activate your True Love’s purpose, the special gift you and your True Love will bring into the world 

Receiving True Love

You don’t have to FIND True Love, you simply RECEIVE it!

“Sounds good, Pamela, but how do I know this will work for me?”

If you do the daily exercises and meditations this program will work for everyone.

The meditations utilize deep breathing and relaxation techniques which put you in a totally receptive state so you will easily receive love!

They also use special musical tones to penetrate your subconscious and allow you to access your own divine wisdom.

By simply reading the daily email, doing the exercises and listening to the short meditation for about 20 minutes each day for just 21 days, you will save yourself valuable time not to mention the heartbreak that comes from wasting time with random dating or trying to make a relationship “work” with the wrong person.

Not only that, but by attending the weekly teleseminars you will find how what you are missing from the “Law of Attraction” and find how to apply this any area of your life.

“And think how good it will feel to receive love
instead of trying so hard to find love…”

I’ve incorporated years of training in the law of attraction, process of personal creation and life visioning from experts such as Neale Donald Walsh, Tony Robbins, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Abraham as well as my Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and applied these principles to the process of dating and relationship coaching.

This ground breaking program is designed to save you years of waiting until you “feel ready” to gather the energy to “get out there” one more time and “find” love.

The Receiving True Love program will help you feel at peace with any residual relationship heartbreak and let go of any old relationship pain that is not working for you. You will feel free and happy in your life, which is the exact place you need to be to attract your true love.

There are 102 million unmarried people over the age of 18 living in the United States. This means that 44% of the population is SINGLE.

We are now living in a world with more technology, resources and freedom to create our lives exactly the way we desire. Not only that but for first time in history people are creating loving, fulfilling partnerships with their equals, their true love. Relationships based on joy, mutual respect, shared values and love rather than survival and need.

Now is the best time in the history of the world to meet your True Love.

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Much love,

       True Love Expert