Dating for True Love Committed






Are you unsatisfied in your relationship, unsure if it is time to break-up and move on or keep trying to make it work?

Are you dating someone and you would like to see the relationship become more serious?

Are you ready to experience love and commitment in your life?

The Dating for True Love Committed will ensure you are in the relationship you always wanted- the relationship that you deserve!

Don’t fall into one these Commitment Breaking Traps that keep you stuck in a frustrating and unfulfilling relationship:

Being friends with benefits.
Have you slept with someone hoping it would lead to a committed relationship only to find out he or she is dating someone else? Do you assume that you are a couple, but find yourself continually left out of his or her weekend, vacation or holiday plans?

Well here is some important information for you. You are only committed when you both discuss and agree you are committed!

Make sure you don’t find yourself in a situation where you are more serious than your partner about the relationship.

You will learn to be the one who decides when you are ready to be in a relationship and ensure that you have the commitment you deserve.

Hoping relationship problems will “get better in time”.
The truth- relationship issues NEVER get better in time, they actually become part of the relationship.

Don’t be one of those couples who has the same fights over and over again without ever solving the problem. 

There is no reason to have unresolved issues that create a wedge between you and your partner and keep you feeling lonely, unsatisfied and wanting more.

You will learn how to communicate with your partner so you stay connected and the relationship continues to progress.

Creating drama in your relationship to try to get needs met.

Are you tired of too much drama and fighting in your relationships. Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you could read his or her mind?

Guess what? Most of this drama can be avoided by simply asking directly for what you want.
Do you want to spend more time together? Ask for more time.
Do you want more affection? Ask for more affection.

You will learn what your relationship needs are and how to ask for them in a way that will make you closer with your partner instead of alienating him or her by appearing demanding and critical.


In order to have the type of relationship you have always wanted you must first identify your relationship needs and then learn how to communicate these needs

In the Dating for True Love Committed 8 week program you will complete the Three Steps to Achieving Committed Love and the Five Closeness and Caring Communication Skills to achieve the loving committed relationship you have always wanted.

If you are in a new relationship or dating someone you think could be The One, Dating for True Love Committed is right for you. Start relationship the RIGHT WAY from the beginning and you will save yourself a lot of pain, heartbreak and VALUABLE TIME.

If you are in a relationship and it is not moving forward the way you would like, the Dating for True Love Committed is also right for you. Don’t waste another minute in a relationship that is not going anywhere.

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