The 3 Magic Ingredients for Finding True Love

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Three magic ingredients that will cure your dating dilemma

Actions, Thoughts and Beliefs and they all need to be in alignment.


Most of our beliefs are formed as children as we watch our parents and observe relationships around us. Many of you had relationships that you did not want to model. So as a child you said "I never want that to happen to me".

Guess what?

Your subconscious will make sure that never happens to you.

Cindy observed her dad cheat on her mom and leave her for another woman. She watched her mom's pain and decided she never wanted to experience that herself. Not only that but she listened to her mom rant and rave about how all men are cheaters. Guess what happened? Cindy ended up dating a married a man! She never wanted to experience being left for another women so she became the other woman. And she met a man who was in fact a cheater.


What you pay attention to, you get. And you may not be paying much attention to your thoughts. Well guess what- these thought are creating your life. That's right- what you think about affects what shows up in your life.

Mary met a lot of men but was constantly focusing on what was wrong. She would flirt with a man in the grocery store and instead of feeling good she would say, but I was not attracted to him. And then, I never meet anyone I am attracted to.

In fact, every man she either dated or met, she evaluated within minutes as "not the one."


I know you want to find true love. In fact when I did my discovery sessions almost everyone who applied said that on a scale of 1 – 10 they were a ten in their commitment to finding true love.

Yet almost none of you are taking action to meet your true love! If you want to run a marathon you need to actually get out there and run. The people who do it successfully join a running group, get a training schedule and stick to it. They know that some days running is going to hurt and other days the endorphins will kick in and it will feel great. They also know that you can't run a marathon in a week. It takes time and commitment.

Sarah was a gorgeous and attractive professional woman. She was very busy and had a very active life. But she could never seem to find time to date.

She joined an online service but she did not have a lot of time to email. And then even if she did meet a man online she was often out of town so it was difficult to coordinate the dates.

And she wondered why it was so difficult for her to meet men?

The good news is that you can change your beliefs, thoughts and actions. A belief can change in an instant by simply adopting a new belief. And by just observing your thoughts, you can choose a new more positive thought. Taking action to engage in activities that you love will only make you a happier well-adjusted person. And your best match is someone who loves the same things that you love!

And more good news! If your beliefs, thoughts and actions are in alignment, all the past heartbreak, skepticism and doubt go away.

And so do limitations! Including age!

Take Susan Sarandon. A ground breaking actor with a 40+ year career who was instrumental in changing women's roles in Hollywood. In an interview with People Magazine on April 2, 2012, she talks about becoming single in her 60s. She is now "collaborating on many different levels" with her constant companion Jonathin Bricklin age 34. How does she do it? What is her secret? According to Sarandon "…its really more of an attitude. Sexuality means saying yes to life".

Adjust your thoughts, beliefs and actions and watch the magic occur in your life!

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